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A rainy afternoon

A rainy afternoon is painted on cotton canvas 20"x30" The media is acrylic paint.

I always hear people say that they get so dreary or depressed during the rainy season, but for me, the rain is linked to so many great memories from my childhood.

     One memory I have of my grandma whipping out a deck of cards to occupy me with a card game, while the rain was drumming on the windows. Another time, I walked  home from school and arrived drenched, soaked to the bone, and then was surprised that my mom had made hot cocoa and french bread to warm me up.

     This year, while I was home in Denmark, my friend and I walked in downtown Copenhagen in the pouring rain. We walked from store to store and then finally took shelter in an old pastry shop, "La Glace," where we got some sweets and coffee, while catching up on our lives.  As we left the shop I noticed how beautiful the day to day life really is, with umbrellas bouncing up and down, as if they were being swept with the current of the wind. The sun was trying to peek through the clouds, a mirror like reflection was being created on the wet cobblestones. 

     These are the lovely thoughts that come to me during the pacific northwest rainy season...

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