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A visit to the Colosseum

A visit to the Colosseum
A visit to the Colosseum is painted on cotton canvas 20"x30" Acrylic paint

Walking around ancient Rome and seeing the ruins and the beauty, this ancient city is pretty mind blowing. Again, the architecture is amazing. I felt the grandeur and power when walking up to the Colosseum. It's a terrifying feeling knowing that gladiators fought, man against man to the death and also having to fight a variety of beasts.  

I can only imagine spectators that came from far away sitting on the marble steps shouting and starving for more gruesome blood and death, while the clinging of bronze shields and cries of pain, roaring through the arena.

The history of this place made my curiosity grow even more. I wanted to see what it looked like on the inside. What kind of people had come through this magnificent building in the ancient past. This building was once covered in elaborate decorations of stucco with marble seating in the interior. What a contrast from when it was dedicated by Titus in 80 A.D.!

As I walked up the the main gate, I were told that Elton John was having a concert there that night and they were closing to tourist for the evening. Disappointed, I walked away, still amazed at the beauty of it all.

​My visit to the Colosseum was not what I had expected, but sill worth the while, even if I only got to see the outside.

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