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Advent Package Calendar

Want to start a fun new family tradition? Well, check this out!  What is it? If you haven't heard about advent calendars, then let me explain. An advent package calendar is a calendar that you add presents to . Fill it up with 24 small gifts tied to the hanging loops. Each day, your child, spouse, or friend opens one of the small presents, and counts down to Christmas day. Gift ideas: a fun eraser, pencils, toy car, gift card, travel size lotion, instant coffee, nail polish, you name it! Small is the key.  Whatever it is, It's not meant to break the bank. Just fill it with small things that you think they will like.

I bought a box of scented markers for my daughter's calendar. That will give me 6 days worth of presents! My cost limit is usually about $10.00-$15.00 per calendar. This is available in my Etsy store so please come visit me there!

The fabric used on the calendar was designed by me, and professionally printed on cotton twill. You will appreciate the high quality feel of the fabric. Everything has been hand sewn by me as well. I am so excited to finally be able to offer you one of my custom designs on this beautiful calendar.


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