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If walls could talk!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

With a remodel of our sons new faux brick bedroom wall, I got inspired to paint this depiction of a homeless man staying warm by a barrel of fire . What do they have in common? Well not much, except for how fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads. On the streets of our hometown, many homeless individuals have set up camps on our streets and it saddens me. Seeing their faces, wondering if there isn't some loved one that are wondering where they are. How did their lives come to this? How did he end up here? For some they don't see a homeless man but a glimpse from the early 1900's, a fisherman tired and exhausted, wanting to just have a warm cozy bed to sleep in. It's all relative to where ever your mind takes you. Let me Know how this painting makes you think and or feel. It is always interesting to me to hear how others see your creation and how you can interpret things differently from the same subject. #brickwall #homeless #fisherman #alone #coldandtired

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