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Red tower by the sea

Red Tower by the sea.    Acrylic on canvas 8" Tall x 10" long    

Last year our weather in the Pacific NorthWest was phenomenal and it made me want to paint outside.  A stroll in the garden, checking out all of the plants, listening to a multitude of birds singing, breathing the fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun, makes it almost impossible to not get creative. The "Red tower by the sea" is in my mind, a peaceful place.  This scene depicts my childhood in so many ways, for example, in Denmark, there are many red stucco buildings. They are  a lot lighter red in color than this, but still red. The sailboats are a very common sight, since Denmark is surrounded by water. I added a little girl walking along the road overlooking the water. She is depicted as happily skipping home, with the wind catching her dress and hair. The feeling of carefree is how I remember my childhood.

Last year I took random pictures in my yard after painting the "Red tower by the sea". With these photos, I made a collage. Funny enough, sitting here writing this blog, it just now dawned on me on how much the colors in my surroundings influenced the colors that I used for the painting. 

I'd love to hear what you think of this painting.


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