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The Pointer Sister

The Pointer Sister

Painted on cotton canvas 30"x20"

Media: acrylic paint

Painted:October 2017

There is something wonderful about fall. The smell of bonfires in the cool dry air, morning mist on the meadows and you can hear the wind dancing through the leaves, making them glisten in the sun as they sway back and forth. The ripe leaves gracefully fall to the ground covering it with a warm colorful blanket. It is this time of year that always gets me in the mood to create and paint.

I decided to paint one of my favorite views in Rome. Wow, hold on, I should back up a little and give you a little background on what I did this summer and why I painted my so called,   "The Pointer Sister" painting.

This summer I went on vacation to my birth home of Denmark to see family and friends. It was an incredible trip. While there, I flew to Rome, Italy ( a vacation within a vacation) for a week to celebrate my dear cousin's birthday. Italy is a place I have never been before. We stayed in a little apartment in one of the historic parts of Rome called Trastevere.  It's a place full of life, music, architecture and great food. The river Tiber runs through Rome. You walk over the bridge Ponte Sisto from Trastevere to get to Regola. Ponte Sisto is a bridge just for pedestrians. I crossed this bridge multiple times a day while listening to the local musicians and seeing local merchants and artists exhibiting their talents and goods. Inspiration ran wild with in me. I wanted to pick up a paint brush every moment. Instead, it became my camera, so that I could capture the moments for later.

I had the hardest time remembering the names of all of the bridges,  especially Ponte Sisto, which I would have to walk over to get to my apartment. A dear friend told me "just remember "Pointer Sisters"! Funny enough, she was right and it worked!

I had always looked at the view from the bridge, but not until I came back one evening from a different direction, did I see the clear glass reflection of this magnificent old structure in its' total beauty.

Maybe it was the great wine and wonderful company that made me appreciate it even more, but I was absolutely enamored with this old structure. It was the perfect shot. We all stoped and admired it and It felt magical to me. 

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